Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Colombia and the deforestation

Colombia’s ecosystems are being compromised, and biodiversity is being threatened by habitat fragmentation and destruction. In recent years, deforestation in Colombia has more than doubled, and climate change in Colombia is beginning to exacerbate these issues through changes in precipitation and the frequency or severity of extreme events like droughts or floods.
 The project aims to enable the Colombian government, in collaboration with local communities, local nongovernmental organizations, and private actors, to sustainably protect and manage the country’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, and natural resources, while it implements low-carbon and carbon reduction plans toward mitigating emissions of climate change gases.

Cause: Colombia's Biodiversity is being destroyed by people who chop down trees.
Solution: A project of a company called USAID Biodeversity is going to stop the government with help from local communities to stop the choping down of trees.